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    Adjustable Double Overshelf 14 X 48 – Stainless Steel for Work Table

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    About this item

    • FOOD SAFETY: The stainless steel prep and work tables are ideal for meal preparation, in both commercial spaces like restaurants and personal use in homes. Easy to clean and sterilize, metal prep station tables are superior to wood or glass. Food and liquid won’t get stuck or ruin the integrity of the surface. Easily wipe away excess food with no fuss, mess, or contamination. Our tables are NSF approved so it meets strict public health standards and regulations.
    • WORK SAFETY: Constructed from 18-gauge stainless steel, this restaurant prep and serve table is durable with a galvanized under-shelf for storage and adjustable legs for convenience. This island table is specifically designed and finished for use in a commercial or industrial setting, but is just as reliable in the home. Designed with high-quality as our standard, this professional kitchen prep station can handle anything you throw at it and will last for years to come.
    • SIMPLIFY YOUR ROUTINE: Any chef knows efficiency and smoothness to execute a great meal in a short period of time relies heavily on reliable products that are easy and simple to use. When you’re busy, you don’t want to mess with a bunch of bells and whistles. You need a kitchen that is easy to move around in when you’re busy. Drawers, hooks, and hard-to-reach spaces can ruin your flow. Simple in build and looks, this stainless steel prep station is designed for function and easy access.
    • EASY ASSEMBLY: Any time you spend in the kitchen should focus on your craft, not the stuff on which you make it. We’re all about simplicity at Kitchen Prep Solution which is why we created this stress-free assembly wall shelf.
    • NOT JUST FOR THE KITCHEN: While we pride ourselves in making a high-quality kitchen food prep table, this product can be used for a variety of things. It can double as a garage workbench, a tool bench, a garden or outdoor work bench and table, or design table for blueprints or architectural planning. It’s great for home projects like sewing, laundry, or crafts and can even be utilized in cafeterias, janitorial rooms, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, veterinarian clinics and more.
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    Galvanized Steel Legs for Work Table. Set of 4 (35″ Long)

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    About this item:

    • Compatible with all of the Work Tables and Equipment Stands that we sell. Fits most brands.
    • Diameter of legs are 1 and 5/8″ diameter.
    • 35″ Long with Adjustable foot
    • 18 gauge galvanized steel construction
    • Includes adjustable plastic bullet foot
    • Set-screw installation makes replacement a breeze