Premium Quality Stainless Steel Wall Shelf with Side Guards | Commercial Metal Shelving | | NSF Certified

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  • PRODUCT SPECS: 18 gauge 430 stainless steel shelf top, and stainless steel shelf mounting brackets. Shelves are available in sizes ranging from 24” to 72” and width ranging from 12” to 18”. All shelves come with 2 (adjustable width) support brackets (3 brackets for shelves over 72” long). Professional and sleek look make this space saving shelf a good fit in commercial or residential environment.
  • QUALITY: Commercial grade heavy duty quality, Suitable for commercial and residential use, Easy to assemble and install. This corrosion resistant wall shelf can handle anything you throw at it and will last for years to come.
  • FOOD SAFETY: Express KitchQuip shelves are NSF certified and meet strict public health standards and regulations. The stainless steel wall shelf is ideal for storage in commercial and residential kitchens. Easy to clean and sterilize, metal shelves are superior to wood or glass. Food and liquid won’t get stuck or ruin the integrity of the surface. Easily wipe away excess with no fuss, mess, or contamination.
  • APPLICATIONS: While we pride ourselves in making high-quality commercial wall shelf, this product can be used in almost any location where there is a need to store item and save space. Most common places where our customers use our shelves include: commercial kitchen, garage, closet, laundry room, utility and equipment room, lab, home kitchen appliance shelf for toaster and microwave, etc
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Express KitchQuip Stainless Steel Wall Shelf and Mounting Brackets Common Applications: Shelf For Commercial Kitchen Appliance Storage For Home Kitchen Utility Shop Professional Work Station Garage Work Bench Laundry Room Storage Closet Setup Janitors Room Butcher Shop Etc… Product Specifications Our Express KitchQuip shelves are outstanding quality, easy installation, protected packaging and receipt condition excellent. Express KitchQuip stainless steel wall shelves come with a variety of selections on size. We offer 12″, 14″, & 18″ width with length from 24″ to 72″. 18 Gauge 430 Stainless Steel Shelf Top Stainless Steel Shelf Mounting Brackets Our wall Shelves Come in Different Widths and Lengths – Great for Storage Includes 2 brackets for lengths up to 60” and 3 brackets for 72” and bigger NSF Certified Sturdy & Easy to Setup Heavy Duty Express KitchQuip Supply prides itself of being a one stop shop for all of your restaurant supply needs. Express KitchQuip Supply offers a wide selection of stainless steel wall shelves. All wall shelves are made with T-430 18 gauge stainless steel, designed to be easily assembled, and are NSF certified. Stainless steel wall shelves are commonly used for food prep in a commercial kitchen, and in many other residential, commercial and industrial applications. Express KitchQuip Supply wall shelves are known for their premium quality and economy prices. Frequently Asked Questions Is it hard to assemble? The wall shelf is designed to be assembled by one person. Assembly should take 10-15 min. Is hardware included? Yes, a set of brackets, screws and all wall attachments are included.

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Size 8

48" Long x 12" Deep, 36" Long x 12" Deep, 36" Long x 18" Deep, 24" Long x 12" Deep, 24" Long x 18" Deep, 30" Long x 12" Deep, 24" Long x 24" Deep, 30" Long x 18" Deep


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