Premium Epoxy Green Wire Wall Shelf – Durable Storage, Utility, Food Storage and More

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Ideal for a range of business uses, this shelf offers a solution for storing items conveniently accessible for use. It maximizes the utilization of unutilized wall areas above sinks, worktables, and stations that would otherwise remain unused. Featuring a green epoxy finish, this shelf is also effective in damp or humid settings where traditional shelving would degrade rapidly. Epoxy Coated in Green With its green epoxy-coated brackets and shelf, this unit is adept at thriving in dry, moist, or humid conditions. From behind-the-scenes storage to front-and-center displays, this shelf proves invaluable for organizing supplies and merchandise. The incorporation of the green epoxy concept makes it particularly apt for environments prone to the rapid corrosion of conventional shelving options. Wire Design for Airflow The wire construction guarantees sufficient air circulation and light permeation throughout the shelf’s contents, a critical feature for environments with moisture concerns. 450 lb. Weight Capacity Capable of supporting a weight of up to 450 lb. evenly spread, this shelf is built with commercial-grade craftsmanship, ensuring exceptional durability. Simple Setup Putting it together is a breeze, enabling swift utilization right after delivery. To ensure a secure installation, the wall brackets are accompanied by concrete mounting hardware for added stability.

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